Thank you for purchasing items and visiting Heaven is real and FUN website, YouTube channel as well as the Facebook page. My hope is that you have found the items and teaching to be encouraging as you are drawn to intimacy with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Several times now people have asked me how and if they can partner with my ministry financially. I want to take a moment and answer that question.

If you have the desire or are feeling led to give, the first thing I want to do is say thank you for sowing into this ministry.

My goal is that you would see Him truly as he is! Jesus prayed that we would behold Him in the fullness of His glory.

When you give to Heaven is real and FUN, you are helping me pioneer and further my mission to equip the body in supernatural ministry. 

There are two main things your giving will allow me to do. Firstly, it will help me keep up with website maintenance which will enable me to keep the quality at which I can share my encounters. Second, it will enable me to travel and spread the message and mission I believe God has trusted me with. 

I have received a couple ministry trip requests so far this year, and it is something I would like to do but is simply not financially feasible for me at this point.

In addition to financial partnering, I ask you to please partner with me in prayer!

I am blessed to have an amazing husband that fully supports me. I also am thankful to have the blessing of my home church, Life Connection Church in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Heaven is real and fun


Thank you for your donation!